Family law valuations (also known as matrimonial valuations) are carried out where there is a separation of two parties through divorce / breakdown of a marriage / de-facto arrangement. A market valuation can help to dissolve any disputes which may arise as to the current value of the property. In some circumstances both parties may agree to appoint a single Valuer to act on their behalf. On the other hand, each party may independently appoint a Valuer to act exclusively for them.

Family law property settlements can be one of the most emotional property transactions. Whether it be a deceased estate, separation/divorce, internal family share buy-out or buy-in, an independent valuation is strongly advised. An independent valuation can prevent disputes which may arise after the property transaction. Commonly disputes arise when it is discovered one party may have significantly benefited from a property settlement than the other or when ex-partners are at disparity on how assets are to be divided. These matters are not easy to deal with but obtaining an independent current market valuation prior to the sale or purchase of a property or a property transfer can often avoid disputes and disappointment.