Selling Tips

Today we are more aware more than ever due to all the property programs on television of the importance of presentation. Presentation can make a difference of thousands of dollars when selling a property. Where do you start? Well we have a list of tips below which will guide you through the process. Go ahead and you too can tick all the boxes:

  • General Exterior Condition: Clean gutters, wash windows & clean / paint timberwork, fix or wash railings, steps, screens & front door.
  • Entrances, Halls and Stairs: Remove any clutter to give a wide appearance.
  • Bedrooms: Tidy and made up.
  • Built Ins: Untidy, overcrowded cupboards suggest inadequate storage space.
  • Kitchen: All appliances and sink should be spotless, all benches cleared.
  • Bathroom: Neat, clean and fresh. Remove all toiletries, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Furniture: Store unnecessary furniture so rooms feel spacious & uncluttered.
  • Heating/Cooling: Have the unit on to show warmth in winter, coolness in summer.
  • Lights: Replace all burnt out bulbs, repair faulty switches, place light shades on any uncovered bulbs.
  • General Interior Condition: Dust all areas, clean walls, particularly around light switches, remove scuff marks, paint where required, fix defects as required.
  • Garages: Hold a garage sale and clear out all the clutter. Clear well organized garages are always appealing and give true sense of space.
  • Lawns & Yard: Remove rubbish, mow lawns, edge paths, trim hedges, weed gardens, remove any objects such as children’s toys to give an uncluttered appearance.
  • Pools: Clean and de-leaf pools to present feature in prime condition regardless of the season.
  • Open Days: Brew some coffee, bake a cake prior to the opening to create enticing smells. Play quiet background music to create pleasant atmosphere.

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